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“How to use money as impact investment”

On 8 April 2013, we hold the lecture party was having Ms. Mari Ogiso, an individual development consultant, a researcher at Sasagawa Foundation as our guest speaker. She talked about watering situation at the developing countries and investment for social contribution.
The incredible fact that 4.9 billion people is belonging to the poorest grade in the economic pyramid, they are living on less than 3,000 dollars a year. It’s called bottom of pyramid (BOP).
These people have lack access to drinking water in developing countries.. "Impact Investment" is used to make all people can get it. That investment targets on providing immediate solution to environmental agendas and social problems, in addition to getting profit.
It was informative session to know about the importance of water.

The guest speaker, Ms. Mari Ogiso

After dinner, Ms. Mai Suzuki, young violinist, played few elegant and light music which fits in spring.

The special guest, Ms. Mai Suzuki

“Closing statement” by Mr. Yamada,
Special advisor of FFO

MC by Mr. Mitani, Director of FFO

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