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“Build up the Japan's future in co-creation community”

On the 22 January, 2013, FFO has hold the 1st event – lecture party.
At first, we have a cocktail time to communicate one another. This time as well, there are guests from overseas such as from Switzerland, we had many different faces which made gorgeous atmosphere.

Our guest speaker was Ms Haruko Nishida, a BOD and Secretarial of IMPACT Foundation Japan.
IMPACT Japan is the organization which has established to aim to promote entreproneurship and innovation and proceed different practical projects.
The organization is alliance with the entrepreneurs, innovators, organizations to support entrepreneurs, and support young entrepreneurs. Such trials which supports young people's entreprenuerships, will have more attention in near future as the push up medicines to activate Japan.
As FFO has many entreneus and those who are to do with such entrneurs, all of the members listen very earnst.

The guest speaker, Ms. Haruko Nishida

This time as the 1st event, Katsura Suzuki, as the CEO of the forum, explained the new year's wishes and the plan.
"This year, FFO will make the basic organizational preparation to have a large scale of Projects from the next year. Of course, there will be many special events which you can look forward to! I, myself will be engine full open for next 10 years."
Many people appraouse toward the CEO's statement.

"FFO would like to alliance with IMPACT Japan", Katsura Suzuki, CEO of FFO

"Closing statement" by Takayuki Furuhashi, CFO of FFO


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