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“Family office and philanthropy in arts & culture”

Under the philosophy of ‘Children are our future’ ‘Enjoy Life!’ FFO in 2012 were supporting children in Tohoku area and different speeches/networking events. As the end event of in 2011, FFO held the event on the 6 November 2012.

Our guest speaker was Mr. Tetsuji Shibayama, CEO and President of the AG Holdings Co., Ltd. He worked for Rockefeller & Co., Inc. in New York as an investment staff. Having worked for Sotheby's as a head of Japan for ten years, founded AG Holdings Corporation. AG Holdings Corporation is in the business of consulting and helping manage major corporations, educational institutions, NPO’s and governmental organizations in their social responsibility activities and arts & culture programs, including planning and managing corporate art collections, art support programs and charity auctions.
As a practionar of family office, Mr. Shibayama is active in different young artists to promote. He has talked about the Family Office which was suitable to one of FFO’s mission, ‘bring the family office culture into Japan’.

This time, Dr. Grant Pogosyan, Armenia Embassodor, guests from Switzerland, etc. – it was rich in variety, and it was a good opportunity to networking.


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